—  the accidental food photographer  —


My journey into photography did not start at a young age. I never aspired to be a Photographer. I aspired to be a Makeup Artist... a PR extraordinaire...a top Nutritionist. All of which taught me a skill set that I utilise in my photography today. It was not until I picked up my dad’s old camera a few years ago and took that first food photograph that I felt that buzz…the accidental food photographer was born.

After completing a Business & Marketing degree at the University of Sussex, I ventured into the world of makeup. I managed to get a place at the top London Prosthetics & Makeup school and from there I went to work in PR for companies such as Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Bumble & Bumble, Cult Beauty. My job was amazing but I felt frustrated and my enthusiasm for my career was waning.

After working in PR for 5 years, I decided to follow my interests and left the industry. I applied for a place on a MSc in Global Public Health Nutrition and got accepted. I had a fascination of food and its direct impact on our bodies. After completion of my MSc, I set up my own freelance nutrition business. Whilst blogging and creating my own recipes, the one thing I found I loved more than anything was learning about how to photograph food and how to edit. 

My fascination with photography grew and I spent every waking moment learning and practicing how to use a camera, lighting, adobe Lightroom/photoshop as well as tricks of the trade in terms of styling food. 

Fast forward to now and I work as a Full Time Professional Food Photographer with top food brands and restaurants on their photography, food styling and even recipe development. I do not like to follow the crowd, rather I feel I bring my own style and creativity to food photography. I love to explore the natural texture and colours that so many types of food can bring!